Winter Flower Focus: Anemones


It is unfortunate that one of the most popular holidays for buying flowers is in the dead of winter for the majority of the United States. Leaving people "no choice", but to purchase imported flowers to give their loved ones. Hint: you always have a choice.

One flower that is tough as nails and can grow and bloom in the winter months in a large portion of our country is the beautiful Anemone. They come in a variety of colors and while visually very delicate are anything but when it comes to handling winter weather.

We grow them in ground beds in hoop houses at our farm, but many can grow them in the field with row cover. These flowers thrive in the cool temperatures of winter in the southern part of the US. Our biggest concern is how to keep them cool for longer in the spring when things can heat up really fast.

Sourcing local flowers in the winter can be more challenging, but it is well worth the effort to support a more sustainable system of flower production.