5 Critical Questions to ask about your Wedding Flowers




1. Wedding flowers are more expensive that you think.

Like, WAY more expensive. You need to understand that you are paying for someone’s time, talents and customer service. When you get a price, it is for more than just your flowers. It is for all the time it takes communicating with you, working on your proposal, creating the designs and vision for your wedding, the overhead in running a business, insurance, staff, etc. You are buying a custom product.


2. Have a budget in mind.

Even though you may not know exactly what your vision will cost, you should know what you can reasonable afford to pay. Every florist is going to ask for your budget so have at least a range in mind.

If you know you are on a tight budget, that is fine, just keep your vision paired down as well. Be realistic. It is easy to get carried away on Pinterest, but see #1 above. Also, decide which flowers are the most important. The bridal bouquet will be the most photographed item you get. It is fine to put more money into the pieces that will have the most impact.


3. How flexible are you?

Do you have a very specific vision in mind, like down to the exact bouquet that you want replicated? Being super rigid in your requests can sometimes result in a higher price tag.

Embracing seasonality and going with a color palette instead of exact flowers can free your florist up to make decisions that will allow them to stay within your budget while still delivering a beautiful end result.


4. Do you trust your florist?

If you trust your florist then you both will have a much more enjoyable experience. You found this person because you like their style and their work, so allow them to do their job and just relax knowing you are in good hands. If you are worried about whether they can deliver what you want, just save yourself and your florist a lot of stress and choose someone you trust right from the beginning.


5. Flowers can be a beautiful way to express your values.

Florists and designers that work with local flowers are supporting local farmers and bringing you a product that is more vibrant, fresh and more environmentally sustainable. Most flowers commercially available are flown in from thousands of miles away and grown with questionable practices (hello harmful chemicals and sub-par labor conditions). There are other options!

Search for farmer florists and designers that use local flowers at Slow Flowers.

Also, ask about their use of floral foam and what happens to the flowers once they pick them up at the end of the night. Are they donated to hospitals or nursing homes? Are the flowers composted?

Floral foam is highly toxic and just sits in landfills for hundreds of years. If you care about your carbon footprint and sustainability, just ask about their practices. If your florist gets defensive or tells you there are no other options, just know that there are ALWAYS other options.

Read more about living your values here.



Keeping these 5 things in mind will help you navigate finding a florist that totally matches your needs perfectly. This should be a fun and enjoyable process for everyone involved. So work through this list and have a framework for working with your designer.

Kelly Morrison