Looking forward to 2017


Happy New Year!

Color Fields Zinnias


I wanted to check in and let everyone know that I haven’t forgotten about you. In the winter it is so easy to plan out the perfect season - all the crops growing when you want them to, posting beautiful pictures weekly on all your social media outlets and keeping your farm friends in the loop of all the great stuff that is going on.

The winter planning ritual is something I look forward to all year. A clean slate. The perfect, well planned farm with the killer outreach and marketing plan. In the end, some of it sticks and a lot of it doesn’t and then we start all over and try to do better in the new year.

This past year brought even more flowers onto the farm as well as the privilege of working with some amazing couples on their wedding day. I loved this work and plan to grow this side of the farm even more in 2017.

Color Fields Bouquet  Photo: Kissick Weddings

By far the biggest change this year came this fall, when I finally hired someone to help me on the farm. This year, Joe’s work on the farm was intentionally reduced. He has helped me so much these past three years, but we both knew his time and energy was better spent doing other things. So this past Saturday was Joe’s official last day going to market and working at the farm. He will still help behind the scenes on the creative side of things - photography, website and graphic design, but the dirty stuff will be left up to me and my new farm help.

I won’t make any big promises about keeping in touch on a regular schedule (though that is the dream), but I will try to check in a little more frequently this year and share more of the victories as they happen. There are a lot of big things brewing for this year and I want you all to be a part of them.

So if you are like me, you need to be reminded to build into your schedule a little more time for yourself this year. Celebrate the small stuff and don’t beat yourself up for not executing the “perfect” year.

Kelly Morrison