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This is typically one of the most important pieces you will invest in. This will be in the majority of your wedding photos.
These are the flowers attendants will carry. They are usually similar in style, but smaller in scale.
These are crowns adorned with flowers and greenery.
These are a bit more simple compared to the adult version and scaled for a smaller head.
They can either be a pin-on style (larger than a boutonniere) or a cuff bracelet style. Typically worn by family members of the wedding couple and other important guests.
These are pin-on mini arrangements typically worn by members of the wedding couple, attendants, family members or other special guests.
These are petals usually tossed down the aisle by a child in the wedding party at the beginning of the ceremony.
Designed to coordinate with the bouquets of the bridal party.
For outdoor weddings or indoor weddings in creative settings, this is where the vows are exchanged. We can provide structures or decorate existing ones with greenery, vines and flowers.
Vow Arrangments
These are a pair of arrangements positioned where the vows are taken. They providing framing for the couple and officiant during the ceremony. They are considered statement pieces and will be in most pictures taken during this part of the wedding.
Aisle Markers
This can be a variety of things from a mix of botanical elements to garlands to small hanging arrangements. This will line the aisles where the guests are seated.
Aisle Entrance Decor
Larger statement pieces that mark the ceremony location for your guests.
Door Wreaths
A nice touch if your guests will be entering through a doorway for your ceremony.
Reception Flowers
Entryway Arrangements
Statement pieces that mark the entrance to the reception area.
Smaller arrangements that will coordinate with the table arrangements of the reception.
Escort Card Decor
A variety of options are available to adorn the table where guests find their seat.
Head Table Arrangement
This is where the wedding couple and wedding party sits during a dinner reception. The arrangements tend to be more lush and detailed than the guest tables.
These are arrangements on the tables where your guests will sit during the reception. Consider a single compote arrangement or a collection dispersed down longer tables. We can include small candles, potted plants or anything else that makes your tablescape unique.
If you are having buffet tables, include your floral style on these table as well.
Guest Book Table Arrangement
Cake Florals
Floral elements can be added to adorn your wedding cake.
Chair Swags
Designed on the backs of the wedding couple’s reception chairs to mark their spots.
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