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Kelly Morrison


I'm a first generation farmer, but I come from a long line of southern gardeners going back as far as anyone can remember.  Plants and their stories are passed down in my family like heirloom jewelry or antique furniture. They are something to be shared. They have a history and a story to tell. They are intimately tied to their season. This connection to time and place drives my work as both a farmer and a designer. My goal is to bring the story and seasonality of flowers to your special event and into your life.

Color Fields Seasonal Organic Icelandic Poppies Weddings

Artful Organic Design


You value beautiful design, sustainability and supporting your local economy. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise your values when there is such an easy alternative.

We bring the most beautiful flowers and natural elements together into a complete floral vision that truly represents your unique personality, relationship, and values. We not only offer full design services, we grow your flowers with love and care using sustainable practices on our farm or consciously source them from others.

We believe that our organic, seasonal approach to design creates a more meaningful interaction with our clients and leaves a lasting impression not found with traditional floristry. We want you to enjoy your engagement and not have to worry about all the small details. We are experienced in taking your inspiration and turning it into a beautiful floral reality.

We strongly believe in marriage equality and want to work with ALL couples. LGBTQ+ inclusive.


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 The Farm

Color Fields is a 2 acre sustainable flower farm located 6 miles north of downtown Hillsborough, NC. The farm was founded in 2014 by Kelly Morrison. We believe in farming organically and making decisions based on what is good for the soil and the health of our plants. We believe strongly in the benefits of compost for both soil building and minimizing organic wastes on our farm. We do not use conventional pesticides or herbicides on our farm, ever.


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