Living your values - even on your wedding day


Most of our couples searching for local flowers want their wedding to be an extension of their values. They care about climate change and their carbon footprint. They care about preserving farmland and supporting local farmers so they purchase organic and locally grown food.

Color Fields Farm- Yarrow

Weddings can get expensive and spending your money on wedding vendors that support your values is a powerful way to make your wedding even more special. The choices we make in our daily lives don't need to change when it comes to our weddings. There are a growing number of options for folks who want to hire socially conscious, environmentally friendly wedding vendors.

When it comes to your flowers, the most obvious choice is to choose sustainably raised, local flowers. The majority of flowers in this country are grown outside of the United States using conventional growing methods which rely on toxic chemicals and fertilizers. They are then harvested and shipped across the world landing at a wholesaler who then ships them again to a local florist.

Buying locally grown blooms minimizes the carbon footprint of your flowers and ensures that your money stays in your local economy and helps local farmers continue their work being stewards of their farmland.

Other questions to ask your floral designer - Do you use floral foam, do you compost flowers not taken home from the reception? Floral foam is a non-biodegradable substance that is highly toxic. At Color Fields, we never use floral foam. We rely on recyclable and re-usable mechanics to make our arrangements for every event. All flower scraps and arrangements that are picked up from events are taken apart and composted on our farm.


Doing a little research and asking a few extra questions is an easy way to make sure that you are supporting vendors who share your values. To inquire about how we can make your wedding as green as possible just get in touch with us here.