The key to creativity, happiness and stress free living


I know these are bold claims, but it is true - Flowers have been shown to reduce stress and depression, improve memory and even boost creativity. (Lots of scientific references are here.)

Yet, the United States is low on the scale for every day flower purchases. We buy them for special occasions, but many feel like it is a "treat" to buy themselves flowers for no reason at all.

When in reality, it is an incredibly simple and affordable way to reduce our daily stress levels and increase our happiness.

Color Field Colibri Poppy

From the beginning, I have grown flowers in addition to a variety of vegetables. Over the years I have seen them take over my thoughts, crop planning, seed purchases and plans for business growth.

The more stressed I would feel,  the more flowers I wanted to grow. I still love to grow vegetables, but there are few (maybe heirloom tomatoes) that can match the feeling of bucket after bucket of freshly harvested flowers. 

Color Fields Anemones

Right now, there is a lot of extra stress for those of us who value environmental protections, equal rights for all people, and basic human decency. When you feel like everything is turning into a gigantic dumpster fire, just buy a few flowers.


Want to learn how to make your flowers last longer? Download the handy guide below!