5 Pro Tips for Long Lasting Flowers

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The most frequent question I get asked from customers is, “ How do I take care of my flowers once I get them home?” While it is true that some flowers definitely last longer than others, most flowers should give you at least a week in the vase.

Here are my top recommendations for making sure you get the most life out of your flowers once you get them home.


1. Thoroughly wash your Vases.

This is super important. The primarily reason flowers die before they should is because bacteria grows in the water and clogs up the stems preventing the flowers from being able to take up water. So make sure to thoroughly wash your vase.


2. Fill with clean, cold water.


3. Use flower food.

If you frequently purchase cut flowers you may want to purchase some flower food. It is sold at any craft store or through major online retailers. The flower food prevents bacteria growth and supplies sugar for the flowers which will keep them looking fresh for longer.


4. No flower food? Make sure to change the water and trim the stems daily.

Again, this is all to keep the flowers supplied with fresh water so they can continue to drink. If your flowers end up getting too short for your vase then split them up and make smaller mini arrangements around your house.


5. Place in a cool location out of direct sunlight and enjoy!

It is really that simple! There are numerous documented benefits that result from having fresh flowers in your home, so don’t be shy about allowing yourself to add some daily beauty to your life. If one flower starts to fade, just remove it and keep enjoying your flowers!


Kelly Morrison